Discord faced Cloudflare issues

Due to Cloudflare issues, Discord got down for nearly an hour which affected other sites suchas Medium, Patreon, and others. Discordis achat servicespecifically designed for gamers so that they can connect with each other using either voice, text, or videochat. This Famous chat service, Discord experienced boundless server blackouts. As the issues began at around Read more about Discord faced Cloudflare issues[…]

Zoom unveils 27-inch touchscreen device

Zoom company enters the hardware scene with a touchscreen device and unveils it for $600for all those work-from-home meetings. The coronavirus pandemic furies on, the work from home has become the norm. This Video chat app Zoom inclining toward the conditions which are entering in the equipment market with the release of a 27-inch 1080p Read more about Zoom unveils 27-inch touchscreen device[…]

Amazon – Mistaken Warning About TikTok

It was reported that Friday morning employees get a memo from Amazon that said them to delete the popular social media app TikTok from their smartphones. Later, it has been said by the company’s press office that the memo about TikTok was sent mistakenly. The press doesn’t provide any further explanation. The mail which has Read more about Amazon – Mistaken Warning About TikTok[…]