Mum’s life ‘completely shattered’ after baby girl goes to bed and never wakes up

‘Happy and healthy’ Aaliyah Jayde Nolan was found unresponsive by her mum, Natalie Morley, the morning after being just a little unwell with a cold and running nose, an inquest into the tragic case heard

A mum whose two-year-old girl went to sleep and never woke up says she will never recover from the grief of her beloved daughter’s death.

Aaliyah Jayde Nolan was found unresponsive by her mum, Natalie Morley, on the morning of January 23 last year.

She made a desperate call to emergency services to save her little girl.

But Aaaliyah was tragically already dead when paramedics arrived just minutes later at their house in Alsager, Cheshire.

An inquest on Monday concluded that Aaliyah died from natural causes in a case of atypical Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), reports Stoke on Trent Live.

Natalie was too unwell to attend the hearing, but said in a statement: “Aaliyah was a happy, healthy baby.

“My whole world and life is completely shattered. I can’t put into words what I am going through. I will never recover from the loss of my beautiful daughter.”

The inquest heard Aaliyah was unresponsive when Natalie went to check on her at 7.45am that day.

Paramedics arrived at 8.07am and Aaliyah was pronounced dead at 8.11am.

Dr Michael Grosdenier, a consultant paediatrician at Crewe’s Leighton Hospital, said: “In the 24 hours leading up to her death she had been a little unwell, with a cold and running nose.

“She was given some paracetamol the evening before. But she was not
breathing in the morning.”

His clinical assessment gave the cause of death as a ‘sudden unexpected death in infancy’.

Dr Daniel Hurrell, a consultant paediatric pathologist at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, carried out a post-mortem examination.

He said there was evidence of a viral infection in Aaliyah’s respiratory tract and the lungs.

But he gave the cause of death as unascertained as he was unable to give a definitive cause.

Dr Hurrell said: “I would agree that she died from natural causes. The virus was the likely cause of death. I would not disagree with that.
It certainly played a part.

“SIDS or cot death is a natural cause of death. Atypical SIDS is something to consider.”

He added: “It is tragic. No one could have suspected the child was going to die. I do not think anything could have been done from any

The inquest heard Aaliyah had started nursery on Thursdays and Fridays from January 9 last year.

But she was not her normal self on January 17 and the nursery manager called Natalie who arrived within 20 minutes to take her home.

Cheshire assistant coroner Peter Sigee said: “I am satisfied that the cause of death was atypical Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

“Aaliyah Jayde died peacefully in her sleep from atypical Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.”

Mr Sigee added: “I am satisfied that the appropriate conclusion is that she died from natural causes.”