Paramedic thrown to ground and stamped on in horrific attack as he walked his dog

The man says he was walking along an embankment in Hull when he was attacked by the two youths he described as ‘tall and lanky’ wearing black tracksuits. Humberside Police say they are investigating

A paramedic has told of his horror after being thrown to the ground and stamped on in a random attack.

The NHS worker, 26, said he was off-duty and walking his dog at the time he was ambushed by two teenagers from behind.

The man, who does not want to be named, was thrown to the ground in an area near to Welwyn Park in Hull, and stamped on. He says he has potential rib fractures and multiple cuts and bruises and could be forced to miss weeks of work.

HullLive reports the attack took place on Sunday, September 5 at around 8pm while the man was walking his dog, Ralph.

The man said: “I take my dog for a walk every night along the river embankment. I was walking with my Air Pods in listening to a podcast when I got hit in the side of my head and I was on the floor being stamped on in my upper back ad the side of my chest.

“I grabbed Ralph, thinking that they were trying to steal him, and they ran off. It lasted seconds.”

The emergency services worker said he ran off and cleaned the blood and dirt from his face before ringing his work supervisor who went to check him over.

He said: “She said I needed to go to the hospital for the swelling to my head, and she drove me as I wasn’t in a state to drive.”

The man said he stayed in A&E that night and had to undergo chest and face X-rays where he was told of his injuries.

He said: “I have no idea when I’ll be able to work but I don’t want to take time off. I will have to see how my recovery goes as I don’t know if I can lift or carry people.”

The incident has been reported to police and the man says officers have visited the scene to see if there are CCTV cameras nearby which could help them identify the attackers who he described as being “no more than 18,” wearing dark clothing. He said both of them had “tall and lanky builds.”

The man urged others not to walk alone in the area at night.

He said: “I will stick to the housing estate from now on, where there are houses and street lights, which is a shame as I won’t be able to let Ralph off the lead. But I won’t be going there again, and I want others to be aware of the risks. I know of someone else attacked on the embankment last year.

“I don’t think I have really processed how I feel about it all yet, I think I have just been running on adrenaline and it hasn’t really sunk in. I just feel a bit stunned really. It doesn’t feel real yet.

“I don’t know why they did this. I lost my Air Pods when it happened so I don’t know if they stole them, or whether they were after my dog. I just don’t know why it happened or if it was just a random attack. I just hope we can get some information to identify them.”

A spokesman for Humberside Police said: “Officers are appealing for witnesses after an assault took place behind Welwyn Park, Hull, at 8pm yesterday.

“It was reported that the victim was assaulted by two men, causing him to sustain injuries to his head and chest. The two men are reported to have been wearing black tracksuits.